New List Organization Features

Audie at a desk on Harv's Island

We are excited to announce two new features on VillagerDB today: list categorization and list item descriptions!

List Categorization

Starting today, when you create a new list or edit an existing one, you can specify a category for your list. The text you enter into this field will be used to group the lists shown on your profile page into useful categories. Just give your lists the same category name and they will appear grouped together on your profile. To edit an existing list and give it a category, go to your profile page and select a list. Click the "Edit List" button. You can change your list name as well as enter a new category. If you don't enter a category name, your list will show in the "Uncategorized" section of your profile. You can see an example profile here.

List Item Descriptions

Additionally today, you can now enter descriptions for each item in your list. This is very useful for explaining the meaning of adding something to a list, such as "Looking For," "For Trade," or "Need x100." To add text such as this to a list item, go to a list from your profile page, select the " Edit Item Notes" button and enter text into the textbox below each list item. Your changes will be saved as they are typed! You can also choose to show no text by leaving the field blank. You can see an example list here.

Interface Update

We made slight adjustments to the user interface for this feature based on user feedback. We now do not show the text fields by default and you must click the " Edit Item Notes" button for them to appear. If you want to stop editing and just view what you have entered, click the " View Item Notes" button.