• "One dog barks at something, the rest bark at him." - New Horizons
  • "One dog barks at something; the rest bark at him." - New Leaf
Species Dog
Gender Female
Birthday May 11th (Taurus)
Appears In
  • New Horizons
  • New Leaf


Cherry is an uchi (sisterly) dog villager. She was born on May 11th and her star sign is Taurus. Cherry wears the Spider-web Tee. Her favorite song is K.K. D&B. Cherry's favorite hobby is music. Her favorite styles are cool and elegant. Cherry's favorite colors are black and purple.

In New Horizons

Key Value
Clothes Spider-web Tee
Personality Uchi (Sisterly) - Subtype A
Hobby Music
Phrase what what
Song K.K. D&B

In New Leaf

Key Value
Clothes Spiderweb Tee
Personality Uchi (Sisterly)
Phrase what what
Song K.K. Fusion