• "All a plant needs is love...and sun and water and soil." - New Horizons and New Leaf
Species Pig
Gender Female
Birthday September 3rd (Virgo)
Appears In
  • New Horizons
  • New Leaf
  • Animal Forest e+


Maggie is a normal pig villager. She was born on September 3rd and her star sign is Virgo. Maggie wears the Pintuck-pleated Dress. Her favorite song is Drivin'. Maggie's favorite hobby is nature. Her favorite styles are cute and elegant. Maggie's favorite colors are green and yellow.

In New Horizons

Key Value
Clothes Pintuck-pleated Dress
Personality Normal - Subtype A
Hobby Nature
Phrase schep
Song Drivin'

In New Leaf

Key Value
Clothes Mint Shirt
Personality Normal
Phrase schep
Song Forest Life

In Animal Forest e+

Key Value
Clothes Yodel Shirt
Personality Normal
Song Forest Life